All students deserve tools and resources to help them succeed.

Empowering students with digital tools can significantly enhance their college journeys, providing invaluable support, especially for individuals from traditionally marginalized and/or low-income backgrounds. Sustaining these educational paths is not just a triumph for the students themselves; it radiates positive effects across their families, communities, and schools.


Bringing digital tools courseware into the classroom is one way to address this form of inequity. Particularly in foundational classes, effective courseware can help spark students’ curiosity, improve the accessibility of course materials, support inclusive student representation, and uplift the individual student journey.

But how to choose?

There are a lot of courseware products out there. Educators, both instructors and administrators, need someone to light the way forward. That’s why CourseGateway was born. With assessments based on emerging research and evidence of what best ignites the passion for learning in today’s students, CourseGateway is a resource that educators can use to discover, evaluate, and select courseware products. 

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A group of product publishers work on promoting the next version of their courseware product.

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Effective courseware implementation requires careful consideration of course design, teaching practices, and assessment choices. Programs and individual faculty must also address questions of equity, student experience, and support. As the semester starts, faculty and programs using a new courseware product for the first time should consider these strategies to effectively support teaching, learning, and equity.

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